Introducing Billie

April 22, 2012

Most of you here have pets, and I would just like to show you all mine.
Her name is Billie Jean, and she was born when Michel Jackson died (she's a girl)

This was her when she was still a little puppy, playing with a Rubik's Cube (aww)
 This is her with her sisters (from left to right: buttercup, blossom, bubbles and billie)
 Now, this is her, all grown-up now, she's going to turn 21 this July, I think.
The most unexpected news that we had from her parents is that, her mother is gave birth again! There's one boy and one girl (the other two were miscarriages), and their owners (my aunt and uncle) are going to give them away to their close friends and family :)

Until next time!

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  1. What a cute dog you have! Is she a shih tzu, or have I gotten her breed wrong?

    Jemimah C.