Christmas Lights and Paper Butterflies

May 19, 2012

I just want to share with you guys my afternoon with Betina and Audrey. So Audrey invited both of us to her house yesterday, so that we could help with decorating her wall(s). Anyways, our afternoon consists of: a really silly word game (I don't know what it's called); Ordering, and eating, Mcdonalds; attempting to put on christmas lights above her bed; her little brother throwing things at us (he gets mad easily); and finally the productive part where we cut out letters to form lyrics and paper hot air balloons and butterflies.
 We used up all of these magazines to cut out all of our stuff! (poor magazines) 
 This is Audrey's closet, I just love her floral flats...
 Just a peek in her Instagram feed, and excuse me while I fan girl over Katy's perfect face,
 Now here we have (on the left) Betina and (on the right) Audrey. Say hi~
 Putting up Christmas lights seemed like a good idea at first, but then we realized it wasn't when her bed posters fell and then her little brother got mad and started throwing heavy toys at us (warning: danger zone)
This is, what Audrey likes to call it, is The Leaning Tower of Coke. It accidentally fell on the floor, so it has a dent and it tilts whenever you put it down!
Betina can cut out really nice butterflies :)
look at all the mess we made! And that was just one side of her room...
We didn't really mean to cut out the word "loud", it just so happened that it did!
Why, do you ask, did Audrey pick the lyrics "I will follow you into the dark"? Well, I asked the same question and she said that she really likes that song by Death Cab For Cutie and so she picked it.
We even made a paper hot air balloon! Though we didn't know where to put it later on.
When Betina left, it was only the two of us and so we taped it to her wall, viola!
Of course, we couldn't have done everything in one day, so Audrey is still putting up more things on her wall (Like her instagram photos, lyrics, etc.) And did I mention I'm decorating mine too? 
Haha, I'll post it when I'm finished. 
Hope you have a fun weekend!

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  1. Lovely photos! Her floral flats are wonderful. You're lucky to have a friend who lets you take pictures of her amazing closet ;) Love the cutouts too. I've been considering something similar for my wall. I just need to figure out what it's going to say ;P

  2. How did you make that hot air ballon?:)It's just soooo cute!Love the photos.They're amazing;)

    Keep on being awesome!Lovesxxx

  3. What a lovely, creative way to spend an afternoon! I love the colorful cutouts and decorations...and the hot air balloon!

  4. I love this post. Those shoes are AWESOME!!! New follower. :)

  5. Looks like you guys had so much fun! :) Very cute, creative ideas. And the hot air balloon is adorable!!


  6. Glad you guys had a lot of fun! And that quote is the absolutely best, whenever I listen to the song it always makes me feel so peaceful :)

  7. The hot air balloon is amazing. :)

  8. oh, man!! I love this!! you're so creative...I love all the different colors especially.