Going On a Picnic

May 29, 2012

Yes that's right, Claire and I decided to go on a good ol' picnic. Honestly, I really enjoyed being out there and exposed to nature, because it's not nice to stay inside and do nothing. We biked, talked, ate, and roller-skated. Another productive day, I guess.
(I used a point-and-shoot camera, so i couldn't get some really decent pictures, hmph)
And look who we saw in the park? These super adorable puppies! There was a Beagle, a Chihuahua, a Labrador, a Shih Tzu, and a really terrifying Beauceron. I couldn't get a picture of all of them because my camera can't zoom well and they kept on moving *sigh*
The beagle was the friendliest of them all (aww) It even started to lick Claire and I! Haha :)
And therefore I conclude,
Picnics are awesome.

p.s. 45 followers? Are you kidding me? You, my followers, are the best! I never expected so many in such a short time. I really owe it to you guys, I'll definitely think of something really soon to thank you all, I promise!

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  1. I love your photos! the one of the flower petals on the ground is really cool. and I agree, picnics are definitely awesome :)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful day outside!

  3. sure, your photos are so sweet, I can almost feel the fun on playing outside.
    love your blog, I'm now following you to keep up with your photos.

  4. How fun.....I love days like this.....they are the ones I like to remember <3

  5. Love the umbrella photos. And I have a beagle; she's crazy. :)

  6. Beagles are THE best dogs ever! I have one, so I know!

  7. looks like fun! the dogs are adorable!