New Blog Layout (Again!)

May 23, 2012

I don't know if any of you guys have noticed but...Definitely Screaming once again has a new blog layout! Sorry if I keep on changing and if it's too much for you, but I just can't seem to make up my mind. I guess I just wanted a layout that was Watercolor is simple yet really pretty at the same time. Plus art has always been part of me ever since I was little. Those scallops on my older banner wasn't me at all, but I do admit I find them really interesting and vintage. I love vintage.
But on the other hand, outside the internet world, my brother is going to college and is going to live in a condominium on weekdays. Which means no more teasing and fighting! Haha, well there are good things and bad things to it. My mom is going to spend so much because we had to buy him a laptop and pay for his tuition and condo, and did i mention we have to use an iPad for school? Yes, that's right. My mom is getting that for me, too. And he got a new phone, how unfair!

I just wanted you guys to know all of these because all these things are happening so fast for me, it's like I want it all to stop, or at least slow down. I'm going to first year high school and my brother in college. I just want to remember the old days where we didn't have to stress for school or any expenses. Sigh, well that's how life is, right? I just want to just relax and lie down and have some time to think...

Well, that's all for now, thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!

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  1. The new layout is lovely! The paint splashes on your design are really cute.

  2. oh gosh i totally understand you. i've only just found a design/name that suits me. my blog has had so many different layouts and names that i've forgotten what they were. don't worry about it. it's alright to feel fickle about this :)

  3. Ooh, I like it lots better than the old one!

  4. ah man, I wish we HAD to use an iPad for school! haha :) but I know what you mean about life moving so fast...
    I love the new design! I really like the way the header changes on hover. :)