Photo Challenge Collaboration: Light

May 13, 2012

Hello guys! I've decided to enter in this photo challenge being hosted at Shutter Happy :) I just thought it would be really fun to try and do my first ever photo challenge, plus, the prizes are just lovely, haha.
 So basically what we're supposed to do is snap a photo of anything we want, and then come back and do it again after a while, to show how the light has changed over the period of time. Keep on doing it and pick out your best three (3) photos out of the rest. But, if you're in a hurry or don't have much time, you can take a photo of one thing in different places using different angles and light to make each photo different.

I chose to take a picture of a fallen leaf because I just think that the little things that people miss out on should be made aware of and be appreciated, even though there are many just like it. Wish me luck! I think I've found my favourite photo out of the three, have you? ;)

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  1. its good to do something new! good luck!


  2. Great job! The last one is my favorite :)

  3. You're my blog of the week!

    Each week I look at an inspiring blog, and this week I picked you for being a new but really good blog. :)

    Lauren x

  4. Very nice! :) Love it! The background in the second photo goes so well for the fallen leaf.

  5. Great concept and your pictures look lovely! I love your blog by the way;) Will be back!