Reading never gets old

May 01, 2012

Last night, I went through my little bookcase of mine and found these guys!

Ever since I was little, I've always loved to read books. In our house, we have two libraries. One for the recent books we've read and bought, and this really big one that's full of old, classical ones like Shakespear's! The collection was originally by my great-grandfather, and it was passed to my grandfather, and supposedly to my mom but then she confessed that she doesn't like reading (like my brother). Luckily, my father, grandfather and I do! 

Heidi was my favorite classical novel when I was little, simply because her life was so interesting and meaningful, I wanted to actually be her! And I just loved to read mystery books, too, like The Double Disguise and The Haunted House Mystery. Frankenstein scared me a bit, partly because I was still a kid and I was a little scared-y cat, especially with monsters, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless. I don't really remember reading The Last of The Mohicans, to be honest, but I watched the movie last year with my mom and enjoyed it (although critics didn't really like the book when it was published.)

I made a promise to myself to take care of these books and read the printed word. Honestly, I did try to read the really old ones my great-grandfather had, but the manner and way it's been written was hard to understand, haha! I tried reading Romeo and Juliet. The pages were cracking and dusty and brown, but that's what I love about keeping books for a long time. I love poetry and old English, but it's just not the type of book I enjoy. I couldn't finish the whole chapter! I just ended up scanning it from cover to cover, with the awe of knowing that this was an original copy of his book and not the re-made and revised one.

Reading, truly, never gets old.  

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  1. Ahhh! The Bobsey twins! I loved reading those when I was younger! :) Have you read Nancy Drew as well?