Some Simple Wall Decor Ideas

May 28, 2012

 I'd just like to show you all these things that I have on my mind to put on my wall! I can't put them on the wall just yet, 
because we're planning to put on a cork board first so it's easier to put things, haha!
(I apologize in advance for the blurry photos, the lighting was bad and the shutter speed was slow)
These are photos of mine, either with my friends, or things I like, or photography. No, I don't have a polaroid camera, 
I just printed them out as if it were from one because I just love how polaroids look :)
 I got this really colorful and sparkly windmill from Ande's (Audrey's brother) birthday party that I attended today; 
it looks really lovely and it gives a pop of color to my plain white wall!
 Audrey and I cut out these triangles from pages of magazines, 
I love the patterns of some of those pages, really.
 I don't really know what kind of paper this is called, but basically it's a really colorful pattern under a layer of black and if you use a pencil or what to draw or write something, the colorful layer comes out! What a wonderful and simple way to decorate your wall, don't you think? Well, that's basically it, what do you think about these ideas? Is it too much, should I add more things or is it just right? I would really appreciate it if you'd tell me on the comments, Thank you for reading, everyone!

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  1. Nice!! :) Love the idea of the polaroid frames :)

  2. I think it looks lovely and such a neat way to print out photos - I must look into to how you do little ones would love it.

    Nina xxx

  3. I love the triangle idea! Might have to steal that from you. (;

  4. Awesome! Love the triangles and fake Polaroid pics ;)

  5. these are awesome ideas! hope you don't mind i use some of these to decorate my own room ;)

  6. love these. especially those polaroids.

  7. The triangles are are so fun and creative! ALso, the polaroids are adorable! You have great ideas. Maybe add some typography prints? It already looks awesome though! :)