Weekend's Wary Ways: Camera Angles

May 11, 2012

Hey there! Welcome to another post feature of Weekend's Wary Ways. Today I'm going to talk about Camera Angles and how it's important in photography and how to use them...Wow, I just looked back at what I typed and I seem like we're in a class or something, haha! Guys, I don't want you to think I'm strict about all the rules I give you because I'm not. Photography is about expressing your style in taking pictures and being proud of it. You don't need to be so technical. Anyways, hope you find these tips helpful!
 Angles are experimented with if people want to create a more "artistic shot" rather than a bland and flat photo. In this picture you can see the shadow of the sculpture and the texture of the wood. There are different types of angles, like the eye-level, high or low angle, bird's eye, and the dutch tilt.
 When playing with angles, sometimes it's better to go close to the subject to make a more dramatic feel to it. 
What I love about experimenting with angles is that it can look so beautiful in different ways. In my first photo of Billie, you can see her whole face, and in the second I shot her portrait.
I fell in love with this brick wall when I first saw it, and so I took it from the side at eye-level to show some depth on the wall and to show it's age and the nature of it.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and advice c: Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Awesome shots! Must try during my summer : )

    xx stella

  2. Woah.You're great.Keep taking beautiful pictures!I love them:)

    Anyway,won't u say hi to me,you're 22th follower?;)Haha...


  3. Thank you for sharing these tips! They are fabulous, and no doubt helpful. Your photos are ever amazing!

  4. Beautiful photos and I love your editing style!

  5. i love all of your photos! i never thought about angles and photography, but i guess i do like to utilize them a lot. thank you for the tips ;)