What To Do, What To Do?

May 06, 2012

I know most of you has already experienced a blackout, and it's not much of a joy, isn't it? No electricity, no internet, nothing to do all day! Well, I just recently had one and I wanted to turn things around. I grabbed my camera and went around the house, looking at what my family members were doing. I found it fun if I would show you the things that my family and I do with no electricity, whatsoever.
 1: My brother was playing baseball, throwing and catching the ball against the wall into his glove. I decided to join in and we took turns in pitching and catching. It's nice to have bonding time with your sibling, you know? Even if most of the time you're trying to annoy each other, hehe
 2: My dad was with my cutie pie dog, Billie! She's really fun to play with, she likes to play fetch with his favourite toy and enjoys it when you scratch her belly :3 
 3: Eating spaghetti was just a treat! The whole family gathered in the dining room to eat tacos and spaghetti for dinner and mangoes for dessert, yum!
 4: I biked around the village, and really enjoyed being outside the house and just appreciating the beauty of nature. It counts as my weekly exercise, too! haha
 5: Currently I am writing my bucket list, and writing is just a great time for me to reflect and relax.
 6: Reading books, now, is one of my favourite pastimes of all! Stories just have the potential power to take you to another realm and experience what the main character is experiencing and feeling! Isn't that just magical?
 7: This is a guilty pleasure of mine, playing dress-up (oh noes!) I know it sounds kind of silly and obnoxious to play dress-up with yourself and model in your clothes, but what can you do? You have a full closet of clothes that you probably just use 50% of, and what about the other half? The whimsy, pretty dresses and clothes you've always wanted to wear but can't? This is the time to do it!
 8: Most people would do this whenever they're bored, or when there's nothing else to do...Sleep! I'm not the type that sleeps in the afternoon, but I had a quick nap because, well, there wasn't much to do was there?
 9: Re-decorate your room! And if you're wondering, yes this is my room. It's not much, it seems bland and empty if you ask me, and I would love to re-decorate it if I had the time and money :c
10: Lastly, read the daily news paper! Wow, you must think that was really boring, didn't you? Well, You'll never know if you'll find an article or page you'll relate to or like! Plus, you'll have time to catch up on the latest news :)

Hope this helps whenever you have another black-out, or when you just have nothing to do at home! 

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  1. wow. i really love this idea. :) yeah my room was decorated by my grandmother seven years ago and i never got to change it. but now we're moving so hopefully i can personalize it all by myself :) yeah it's always nice doing that stuff when you have the money to "go all out" you know? :D
    as always, i love the blog! :)


  2. Ooh, can we see your bucket list?

    p.s. Your little blog is growing really quickly. I'm quite impressed =)

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