7 Days and 6 Nights

June 19, 2012

This is going to be about a vacation trip that all of my 26 relatives of my extended family went to, specifically a cruise ship. (No
 photos of my family for privacy purposes, sorry for that, but I can assure you that we were all there...pinky promise!)
I don't want to sound like a tour guide narrating everything and everywhere and all the facts because honestly, I don't 
remember most of them. Luckily, my mother dearest labeled the photos on the laptop so I have an idea! Leggo.
    By the way, this was our tour guide, Omi. She was really kind and helpful and fun to be with, actually. Even though this 
was a badly-timed photo of her, you could tell she's pretty, right? (Back me up here, guys)
This is the Shanghai World Finance Center, and that first picture was actually taken from the top floor of this building
(I think) I must say, the look on the face of my little cousin when we were going up the elevator was priceless,
 just saying. Anyways, we had to stay in Shanghai overnight because we were waiting for our cruise ship to arrive and
pick us up there. Guess where we ate? No, not a really fancy Chinese restaurant, but McDonald's! The grandmothers
weren't that satisfied with the food, though.
This is our cruise ship, and as you can obviously see, it is huge. My cousins and I had so much fun playing with the 
elevator buttons that one of the officers had to tell us to stop pressing all of them, hihi.
We went up the Tokyo Tower, which was coincidentally "Japan's Children's Day" which explains all the colorful 
fish buntings and kids, who are actually on their field trip I assume.
I find it really cool that they like to smile at random people that want to take a picture of them, and that they all have
matching red hats with strings attached to their heads because of the strong wind, of course.
 Here is a ferris wheel. Photographers love ferris wheels!
There's a Buddhist Temple in Osaka in which we visited (We're not Buddhist, by the way) And here's a trivia: they put
a small barrier about one feet tall from the ground because they believe that it prevents the bad spirits to not be able
to enter. How's that for a fun fact? Cheesy, I know. I hope you are still awake, cause there's more.
 In the Osaka Castle, they made all sorts of dioramas and even holographs of mini-plays, it was really amazing!
...And that's me rock climbing. How embarrassing. I reached the top, which was such an achievement for me, but my
self-esteem drooped when my brother got two medals by competing in the rock-climbing competitions. There was a
pool and a mini-golf on the top floor, a casino, a gym, a table tennis room, a game room, and all sorts of stuff. The cruise 
was splendid. I didn't want it to end. Period. Gosh, I missed out so much things. It's just that 90% of the photos,
my family and I are in. Bummer. Anyways, moving on...
One more trivia? We fortunately got all of this for free. Can you believe that? It's okay 
if you don't. Do you want me to explain? I take that as a yes. Well, my mom originally booked us a 5-night cruise trip
but sadly we got kicked out because it was fully booked. My uncle and aunts (Especially my mom, she was the one who
 shed sweat and blood, not literally, trying to plan all of this) got mad at the ones in charge and demanded not just a 
refund, but at the end they gave us a 7-day cruise trip to Japan! How awesome is that? It was such a huge blessing 
in disguise, and we don't regret one thing about it. I just am so thankful for everything

Oh, and this was four years ago. Why am I posting about this now?
I didn't have a blogger four years ago. And, this is one of the most memorable experiences yet. Also the most fun. That's all. Bye bye now, back to schooling, *sigh*

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  1. hahaha "back me up here guys" :) yes she's very pretty (even though she looks a bit like a chipmunk) ;) great photos! family get-togethers are just wonderful.

  2. Oh, that looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing this memorable experience with us!

  3. it doesnt matter that the pics are from four years ago. it still looks fresh and fun!


  4. this looks like a lot of fun! and great photos. i love hearing stories like this, from the past :)

  5. Super looks like fun! Love the idea of traveling with cousins on a cruise ship :) So much fun!!!

  6. Love this post! I always enjoy holiday uploads :)