New Notebook Covers: How To

June 04, 2012

School is coming and summer is ending (at least, where I'm at) and that means books and notebooks. I decided to
change the covers of these old hand-me-down spiral notebooks I got from my brother, he barely even wrote on it anyways.
While I was at it, I wanted to show you guys a step-by-step tutorial on how I did it. It's really easy to just change the covers
of your notebooks, actually. And note: this is my first tutorial so I may be bad at it, heh.
 1: pencil, 2: glue stick, 3: ruler, 4: old spiral notebooks, 5: scissors, 6: pliers
1: When you look at the spiral bind on the notebook, there will probably be bends so that it won't come off. Use your pliers to unbend them so that you can easily take the spiral out
2: Twist the spiral bind easily out of the notebook. If it gets stuck, or if you are having a hard time, use your pliers to shape it so you can continue smoothly.
3: Now that you have the spiral bind out, you can now separate the front and back cover from the inside.
4: Use your ruler to measure the length and height of your cover. Measure your designed paper and make sure it matches.
5: I got my design from this designer and illustrator Stephanie. Her works are awesome, by the way. Anyways, so I printed them out on holed paper (extra pages from my old sketchbooks) because they match the holed paper on the notebook, but if you have none, you can stick your designed paper on top of the cover and use your pencil to punch holes through the paper (if you don't have a small hole-puncher, of course)
6: Now, I glued the front of the cover (and back of the design) and if there is any extra paper coming out, cut it out and make sure it follows the outline of the notebook cover.
7: You should have something that looks like that picture in step 7. Make sure your glue is dry so it doesn't stick on the paper.
8: put the front and back covers on the pages and align it so that you can put back the spiral bind.
9: I added my manual dymo label maker for my name and the subject, and viola! An old spiral notebook into a new, personalized one. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)

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  1. what a great idea! :)

    did you draw that picture of yourself on your sidebar? it's very good!

  2. Aww, this post makes me miss high school! I wish I was still required to have one notebook for each subject in college, then I'd have an excuse to try this. :))

    -Anya (

  3. i love this idea. so going to do this next last year :( :)
    (yes--those emoticons are telling you i have mixed feelings about next year) :D

  4. ooh, i should do this for school! love it!

  5. yout blog is lovely ^^ the photos are beatiful.

    This tutorial rules. I'll have to try it!