Science & Faith

June 22, 2012

Two ordinary words. Two different meanings, but when you put then together, what do you get? Before I start 
talking, I just want to say I'm not trying to offend anyone. I'm just going to share to you guys my thoughts on this. I've
been thinking about them these two things all these years and today in my Christian Living class, it has been brought
up once again in our lesson. Anyways, here it goes.
Science and Faith can well be called opposites. Science is based on facts, research, and how everything is made and
 how it works. Faith, on the other hand, is based on trust and confidence on someone or something, even though
 it is not true. It is based on what they believe in. Now, I don't want to dig deep in the issues of atheists and Christians,
because I don't think there is a quarrel between the two. Today, though, I came across someone called Richard
 Dawkins. He believes that religion is like a way to control people and to not give them free will to choose in what they
believe. First of all, his opinion is his own, and I respect that. But it is not all about that. For those non-Christians,
why, do you ask, do we believe in God if we cannot actually prove his existence? Well, I believe there is more than
just living your life. What is your purpose? To be born, live a life and then die? My teacher was saying "Oh, just because
I don't believe in God I can do anything I want. I can go to someone and kill them and not be afraid of the consequences."

That is not true to all atheist. They are still kind-hearted and have good will. The thing is though, the reason why we
choose to believe in Him, is because I simply think that if you trace back into the old old old times, who created your
ancestors? Who created the universe? It's funny that scientists are trying to find the right and absolute answer to these
questions. Aliens, is it? Or the big bang theory? Faith can not answer these, but we can always believe that some
one or some thing did make them, because it is entirely impossible for a human, or even an alien, will be able to do so.
There are also miracles that are happening in our daily lives, either a relative that got into an accident but was able to
live, or a sick person that suddenly got better in a day, those kinds of things. I am not criticizing or offending those who 
do not believe, I am just stating what I think. I also believe that in afterlife, you will be awarded for your good deeds and
 if you followed His Will. All of you don't have to agree with me, it's just that I wanted to let all of this out, you know? Oh and...

Dear Scientists who are trying to figure out all the big questions in life,
Some questions are just meant to be left unanswered.

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  1. wow. i love this Jianine. you are a pretty good writer yourself. :)