The Jianine Treatment

June 16, 2012

I guess all of you by now are wondering what the title means. I'll explain that to you later. Today, we are celebrating
Father's Day! I love my dad and like my mom, I made him a card. I just gave it to him a few moments ago and he said,
"Yay, I got the Jianine treatment!" Which I later learned means that I made them a card, haha. I put all sorts of stuff inside,
not like a 2D comic. I put a lot of thank you letters, for all the little things he has done for us, as well as a bible verse :) 
(sorry for the blurry photos, my point-and-shoot camera has a slow shutter speed)
 I rummaged through my cabinets hoping to find something helpful to put in my card, and viola! A collage.
 I cut out from my map, art paper, old recycled paper, notebooks, stationery and whatnot. Who knows what you can
make with some old scraps?
If you're wondering what's inside the "Open Me" tied with a ribbon is a really cheesy "We ♡ you" with my family 
members' names inside, heh.
I made the front simple because I think it would be too much if I filled the whole page up as well. We're going to celebrate
with my extended family in a restaurant in a hotel (how fancy, right?) I feel like this is going to be a great day.

On another note, I am welcoming the newest member of the family (no, not a real person) the iPad 2! I am super
grateful for my dad for getting it for me. We actually need to use it for school, because they are testing if it will actually
be better for the students in learning or worse. It's light and thin, not a meter long and a hundred pounds light (I'm quite
weak and I hate carrying books on the first day) and you can easily type notes and send mail, I think it's a good gamble.
I think I begged for it, actually. Because it's optional for the student to get one. My mom said at first that we'll see if
there are any problems or losses but there are none so far, and in class, I was the only one without the iPad. I had to
tell my mom and dad about it and I had to explain to my dad why he should get me one. He said "I'll think about it"
and the next day in school, he told me he got me one! I was so surprised because he's hard to convince and I'm really
thankful to God and my family, I love them so much. 

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies out there!

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  1. dude. i thought you gave the ipad to your dad. i was like: "WHOA. WHOA. WHOA. NO WAY. OKAY. THAT IS OVER THE TOP AWESOMESAUCE RIGHT THERE." but now i realized it's yours. but my freak out was ta-hotally worth it. ;) great photos!

  2. your card is awesome! and congrats on getting the ipad! they're really awesome (i use my friend's all the time ;)

  3. my dad got an ipad a few months ago. it's (quoting jocee)"OVER THE TOP AWESOMESAUCE RIGHT THERE" seriously. oh, i recommend the app "53" it's so much fun! i love it. it's free, you start out with a calligraphy pen, and for about 7 or 8 bucks you get a bunch more cool artist utensils. like a watercolor brush, pencil, just check it out. you won't be sorry. :D

    (whoa. somehow this comment ended up being a promotional ad for an apple app. i oughta work for them...)

  4. oh and your card is definitely dripping some serious awesomesauce. (um, did that sound gross?) :D

  5. Awesome card:)Very creative!I love it!

  6. The "Jianine treatment" card you gave to your dad is just wonderful! I love how you pasted various scraps together. Congratulations for the iPad 2!

  7. That card you made is the bee's knees. (: & an ipad for school? i heard about that happening, but that is sooooo cool to actually get one! (:

  8. BAHAHAHAHHAA THE JIANINE TREATMENT...i love u (yes, I read your blog)

  9. Thanks guys, and thanks Sydney for that app! I just love it, though I'm not planning on buying the other tools, haha.

    Hi betina, I love you too :) Aw that makes me feel so much better haha! (you can't tell if i'm being sarcastic or not hehe)

  10. what a thoughtful father's day gift!

  11. Your shots are great! Congrats to the iPad, i am loving mine!