Things you need to know (Or already know) about photography

June 29, 2012

These days, right after I come home from school, I grab my camera and head outside to take pictures. Why? Because
it makes me feel better and relaxed. It's one of my ways of escaping the pressure and responsibilities of the schooling
world. Photos that turn out the way I hoped, or even better, sends a happy tingling sensation all over. I know I'm weird.
...And today, I want to share to you all what I've learned about taking pictures and making the most out of this hobby.
1. Don't forget take your lens cap off. 
Oh, how stupid it sounds now that I re-read that, but it's true. One time, and when I mean one time I mean this morning,
I saw a really pretty butterfly flaunting its beauty in my backyard from my room and so I rushed to it and when I got there,
I forgot to take my lens cap off. Right. So when I did so, the butterfly flew away to whatever garden it flew to. So yeah.
It's a sad story everyone (photographers can relate). Don't forget to take your lens cap off.
2. Try taking blind shots.
No, not the blind shot in golf. When I mean blind shots I mean you take a picture without looking at the eyepiece or 
the screen-view because your head or body can't touch or reach it. For example. These photos above me were blind 
shots. I took the camera away from me, and took a picture. As simple as that! You'll never know what outcome you'll 
get, sometimes it's bad, and other times better than what you have expected.
3. Make use of the things around you.
The phrase is self-explanatory, if you ask me. But if you want me to explain, then it's fine with me. When I say to make use
of the things around you, it doesn't mean that everything around you is beautiful or camera-worthy. Before I got really
into photography, I thought that it would only be about getting pretty pictures of pretty things, but it's not. You can get a 
picture of anything and everything around you, and that is what I love about it. There are no rules.
4. Find beauty in ordinary things.
Like I said, not everything in life can make beautiful shots, but then of course, if you pay close attention to them, you
might just miss out in an incredibly amazing shot! This picture above me is a lamp post. I never really paid close attention
to the details of the wood until now, and look what it got me. (I don't use my glasses often so I'm half blind! Haha)
5. You will be found in the most awkward positions. Ever.
What are awkward positions, you ask? Crouching down in the middle of the sidewalk, tiptoeing to get a better look
at a subject, Stopping suddenly and continuously taking pictures of one thing in different awkward angles, etc. You will
definitely, definitely encounter these things when you are taking photography seriously. I will guarantee you, and you
shouldn't be ashamed of doing it, especially if you're in front of either you friends, or random strangers who will just 
find you weird.

I know these tips or things aren't that very helpful, that's just because these are the things that I have learned and I have
experienced. I will understand if you find these things random and irrelevant to photography techniques, but then that's
not the kind of thing I'm going for. So yeah, until next time! 

p.s. I'm thinking of making a new theme for my blog, either I'm tired of this one or I just have the urge to renew the look. hmph. 
Happy weekends, everyone! 

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  1. So true, and I can SUPER relate. Hahahaha I love the first and last tip :)

  2. The last tip is just too true, many times people have found me in the most awkward positions!

  3. so true! especially the last one :)

  4. Awkward positions are so true! I can't imagine how silly I look sometimes, At least I'm not the only one!

  5. Hello Jianine,
    Awkward is my middle name, and I sometimes takes blind shots, as with my eyes closed. Of course, it's all automatic then, but I like the surprise. The result is rarely any good, but it has learned me to think differently about angles. Love your school uniform, it's very sweet.

  6. I love all your tips, so thank you. I recently found lots of joy in photography too so these are very helpful!

  7. That last tip is so true! Awkward positions are awkward. Haha!

  8. LOL at tip #1... true story
    and #5, agreed. You will be found in the most awkward positions but you'll get the shot ;)