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June 28, 2012

So as you guys know, I'm on my third week of high school, and as you said, it isn't hell. Well, so far at least, it isn't. My
class is hilarious, and not one day can they fail to make me laugh. We aren't perfect of course, but by the first weeks,
I think I'm going to have a fun time in high school. We already had a bunch of homework and responsibilities, not to
mention more subjects! *sigh* Today I stayed out in my front yard most of the afternoon to take pictures of things and
people passing by. You must have thought how awkward that would have been if you see someone in their uniform 
taking a picture of you with an slr camera. Oh well.
 I really, really, hoped that no one I knew, or no one in my batch, was in that school bus. I've been taking pictures of that
 thing for five minutes looking for a good shot. Awkward.
 Homework, which means research and writing (yes, we don't use the iPad sometimes), awkward glasses, explaining, listening,
 and answering tests. We had our first test today in English by the way, it wasn't that hard, it was more on common sense :)
Subject-Verb agreement is very important in the internet world. Watch out guys, the grammar nazi is here!
 My socks look dirty here, I wonder what I've been walking and stepping on for the past weeks...Oh, and I got to 
meet new friends! Yey, a chance of being not awkward.
 My mother dearest got sick, and I just want to tell you guys that life isn't all good all the time. You're going to have some
really fun and happy times, but you'll never know that the next day, something bad will happen. I've been really 
redundant with these kinds of things, cliche sayings about living in the moment, and to be honest I've been saying
YOLO often. "BiYOLOgy", my friends and I call my Biology class. How corny, right? ...Oh no what is happening to me..
....And here is a picture of my dog Billie being really camera shy. Just kidding, she likes to eat her food by digging
her face into the container, it's like the awesome-r version of a facepalm. Just saying. I just wanted to tell you all that
school has been going on and I couldn't go here as often as I would love to. It eats me up inside that I can't
see all of your posts that are coming up in my dash because there are tons. So yeah, sorry in advanced.

Did I mention awkward about 5 times here? Yeah.
I also have a curfew, which is right about...now.
Bye, good night sleep tight :)

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  1. yeah high school isn't so bad once you get a chance to settle into the routine. :) by the way, the picture of your feet inspired the theme of my new blog! :D haha so stay tuned for that! :)

  2. yes, high school is actually pretty awesome once you get used it :)
    and i love this post. you're so funny :)

  3. See school isn't that bad! :) Cute doggy.

  4. Haha, aww! Your dog is adorable! Reminds me of my cat, except she's not camera shy, just really chubby and hungry all the time.