After a Hurricane Comes a Rainbow

August 16, 2012

The state that our country is in are in a rough patch. To make things worse, our southwest monsoon came off as a 
storm and lots of families lost their homes, food, clothes, things, and everything they had. But was this a blessing in
disguise? Everyone helped one another donate, pack, and distribute relief goods to those who need it.
But after a week of suspension, the sun shone brightly, the birds sang their song sweetly, and the sky lit up with beautiful
colors. People went back to their homes safely, and it was a wonderful day once again.

To be honest, the requirements for school have been piling up and it's been tough for me to catch up. But now, I 
feel thankful for what I have. Now, I shouldn't be complaining about all the little pet peeves and problems. 

Because I know many other people have it worse.

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  1. Beautiful! Love the lighting in the leaves picture :)