Hello August // Who I am

August 01, 2012

Happy August, everyone! July went by so fast, I don't know how or why...it just was. Probably because of school
and projects to busy my schedule. Anyhoo, today I would just like to celebrate a new month--and a new layout--and to 
show you guys who I am (at least, who I think I am) and all the little things you won't even notice about me.
I like to tilt my notebook horizontally when I write notes, 
I am easily amused by funny people,
I have a tendency to keep quiet (until someone talks to me, of course),
 I get jealous of people who are British,
I like to cluck my tongue whenever I am bored and sometimes it annoys people,
I have stage fright and hate anything that involves big crowds,
yet I have isolophobia (the fear of being alone),
I am a perfectionist and my time management is messed up,
I am gullible most of the time,
I sing like a crazy person when no one is there,
I prefer my cookies without milk,
I have a certain soft spot for stray animals and elderly people,
I click my pens a lot,
I do a little happy dance whenever I do something successfully,
I enjoy working on projects even though I have to stay up all night,
 I am a fast-learner,
I like the smell of oranges and new books,
I am ignorant and childish at times,
I enjoy hugs, even the awkward ones,
I am not perfect.

I had a lot of fun doing that, writing out random things about me that I think you guys don't know about yet. But then
I don't want all of this to be about me. Write a random thing about you on the comments, I would love to hear them! And
have a happy, new month ahead of you.

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  1. amazing photos. i love that. i love this. i love everything. "i enjoy hugs...even the awkward one", well.....awkward cyber hug then :) miss you!!

  2. oh gosh, i totally tilt my notebook sideways when i write too. sooo funny! love this little post, girl! and seriously, i am still in shock that july is over!
    xo TJ

  3. I love the pictures! Also, about 90% of the random things you said pretty much apply to me too. Haha!

  4. It's strange that many of the random things you list, I also do! Gorgeous photos by the way :)

  5. Your photos are so gorgeous! And I can relate to so many of these! I'm a perfectionist and my time management is pretty horrible too - it just sucks and no one really understands! Oh well, sometimes being a perfectionist is a good thing too :) Followed you and I'm looking forward to seeing your pretty pictures! xo