August 31, 2012

(i did the "w" on purpose, okay)
I know this social network has been used by many other people already, but I just want to have a say on this...Instagram
isn't just a 'hipster' thing, and it's not 'useless' although, I do not like it when people take pictures of pointless things to
just flood my feed. But, I just want to say that I just started mine off a few months ago ever since I got my new iPad :)

Unlike you guys, I can't bring it everywhere I go, so that limits the pictures I take and the quality as well. My sad life
 I have is sad. Oh, and have I mentioned I got an old stamp collection from my grandfather? So excited about continuing
the collection, I'm so blessed to have them!
 ...And this is my best friend's, Audrey's. Hers is cooler, better, and more interesting than mine. now go and feast
your eyes! Oh, and by the way, exams week are up after the weekend...wish me luck! 

p.s. I just love my class this year, they are the best! We're planning on having a little trip to Enchanted Kingdom
after we take our finals, a little celebration for all of us :)

p.s.s. Watching Katy's movie tomorrow with my friends, you cannot believe how excited I am!

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  1. I'm one of the few who don't yet have instagram (no smart phone, I crey), but I love the quality of the photos on your insta!

  2. I wish I had an instragram. Your photos are so pretty.

  3. Lovely photos Jianine!Are those your school uniforms on the top?Plaid skirts.So cute:)

  4. Your photos are GORGEOUS!! I especially love bottom one in the lefthand corner. amazing. <3
    Hope you do well in your finals! :)

  5. I love your Instagram photos :)

  6. I like it :) I love that you can capture everyday life with this app. Your photos are cute, too!

  7. Instagram is by far my favorite app! So handy! And I love all of yours! You put them together so creatively for this post! Love it!