Lazy Weekday

August 10, 2012

With no school, rain pouring, nothing to do all day, I wouldn't call myself productive this week. I couldn't bring myself
 to find any inspiration, as well. Luckily, Claire called me up on the phone the other day and asked if she could come over.
 I mean, who would say no? So she came at about 11 o' clock and left at 3:30 to train for her swimming.
She protested for a photo shoot, but that didn't stop me from getting pictures of her!
(The sun showed up after three straight days of rain pour, Thank God)
I didn't do anything much after that, besides taking pictures and procrastinating. Sigh, i wish sometimes my life would be
less boring sometimes.

p.s. that little canon camera over there is a usb! its 'lens' is detachable, hihi :)

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  1. love the photos...and that camera usb! hahah! :)

  2. I think these photos are very lovely :)

  3. That little camera usb is AMAZING. So cute!

  4. I love the camera usb!

  5. The little camera is SO CUTE!

  6. lovely! ps i love your header :)

    xx stephanie