What I Learned

September 21, 2012

I learned that it is a blessing to wake up every day, early in the morning. I shouldn't complain and squirm around 
in my bed to the sound of the beeping alarm clock at my bedside. I need to open my eyes and feel the warmth 
of the sun on my face, stretch out and greet the trees and flowers outside a good morning. Because every day, there
are so many opportunities to take. I learned that I should grab them while I can, and cherish every thing that happens
in the day. I learned to smile at strangers who are walking on the streets with their heads down and are frowning.
I learned to be happy, and know that the bad things that are happening right now are actually blessings in disguise,
and will pay off in the end. 

Because in the end, everything will be alright.
Also, I learned that I am a miracle, and everyone else is too.

p.s. lotsa events are happening this (and next) month, so stay in tune for that!
p.s.s. you are beautiful, do not forget that. have a lovely weekend, everyone :)

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  1. Getting up in the morning is so hard for me, but this was a good reminder :)
    Kristin @ The Great Perhaps

  2. What a lovely post! :) I just found your blog...It's beautiful!

  3. Lovely blog.