A World Without Color

October 04, 2012

Colorless. Defined as dull, pale in hue, or lacking distinctive interest or character. On the contrary, I'd like to think of colorless as the exact opposite. It is beautiful, in its own strange way. It brings out the depth and angst in things, and that is what I love about it. 
Though, if you would imagine a colorless world, it would not be as wonderful as it is today. Imagine yourself as a blind person, how would someone describe to you colors? Red, the color of passion, wrath, and strawberries. Orange, the color of warmth and fallen leaves. Yellow, the color of happiness, sun, brightness. Green, the color of life, trees, nature, and so on. The world is a mystical and miraculous place, and we shouldn't cease to be amazed.

(p.s. sorry for not posting for so long! so much things are happening at school and it's sorta hard to manage...)

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  1. I really like the fourth one. Shadows are my favorite. A colorless world would be terrible!! So thankful for colors.

  2. For a person who immensely loves colors, black-and-white shots are mystifyingly beautiful to me as well.

    I've missed you and your posts, but I can totally relate to your hectic situation.

  3. How beautiful - I'm always unsure about black and white, but your pictures are lovely.

    Nina x