After 5 Whole Months

October 26, 2012

After five months of lectures and quizzes, we finally have our first semestral break! Now I have to apologize, I wasn't that 
productive at all today and I basically just slept through lunch time, but fairly I think I spent my first day of sembreak well. 
My mom, being the smartest mom ever, confiscated my iPad and she has this new rule "No iPad if there's No School" and 
so that made me grab the camera, laptop and guitar and basically used those three things the most today. Excuse me 
as I flood you with my photo montage because I was bored:
(I really really love Billie in this picture, she is just a cutie with short hair!)
The best part of the day? My dad had his friends over and one of my uncles brought his little son to play with me! Okay,
I may admit our age gap could be a bit big, but who cares right? This kid brought out the little girl in me who enjoyed 
simple joys in life. He basically took out the whole bag of toys I've hid for about nine years and played with all 
of them. Turns out, he loves Ferraris and cartoons...go figure.
He even tried out my bear hat! I swear, it's like he's holding out a big sign that says "Adopt Me!" naw, just kidding.
So, to sum everything up, he stayed until 2 o' clock in the morning and he still couldn't stay in one place. I conclude 
that little kids are awesome. He is so nice and humble and sweet and cute that you can't stay mad at him! Okay, now
you guys know my weakness *sigh*. 

Day well spent, and the best part's exactly 26 days until my school fair!! Gah, I love second term. Bye bye now :)

p.s. I'm thinking of making a new blog layout for semestral break, since I'm pretty sure I wont be doing anything else,
I don't know what theme it will be about, but whaddya think I should make it into?

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  1. Hurrah for semestral breaks! I've missed you and your posts so much, so I'm really glad to see that you're back. Those photos are just darling!

  2. I love that you thought your moms new rule was awesome {most kids woulda thrown a fit, lol}. Love the pictures, especially the one of Billie, sooo cute!
    haha, playing with little kids is awesome! :)

  3. I really like this. :) Really cute pictures! Your dog, adorable!

  4. Aww, he looks like such a bundle of joy! Love those feet photos, so eerie and mysterious!

  5. Beautiful photos! He is such a cutie in that hat! Do they have one for adults, I think I could rock it too :P

  6. Your photos are great!