A Dreamboard

November 01, 2012

What is a dreamboard, you might ask? Well, for one, it's my art project. Basically, it's a bunch of stuff you like and you
put it all together into one board. My art teacher said it's a little bit like a concept board, but here you can do anything with 
it. It's due right after my sembreak, so might as well do it now, right? Anyways, I thought it would be fun to share this with
you guys, it helps give you guys inspiration.
So firstly, you need an illustration board (mine's 1/2) scissors, glue, magazine cut outs, and practically anything you like,
as long as it's possible to glue, hehe. You might want to think of a theme and some idea to what the end-product will look like.
I pre-arranged it on the board without gluing the stuff on it, and took a picture of it on my iPad to have a guide.
cut, paste, arrange, experiment, and repeat!
viola, this, my friends, is my dreamboard. I guess the theme is travel or vintage things. I figured I love those two anyway,
 If you have any plans on making one, I would love to see it!

p.s. Happy Halloween! Sorry I couldn't make a blog post about that. Trick or Treating was really fun, but really tiring.
p.p.s. a new blog layout is currently being made, I hope you guys will like it!

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  1. That looks awesome! I might try making one myself.

  2. Sweetness! I totally want to make one:)

  3. this is such a good idea! a moodboard of some sort. Hmm, makes me think of what I would put if I were to make one.

  4. That's such a cool idea! I really like how it turned out :)