Portraits // Billie

November 07, 2012

She's the person I see every time I get home from school, never gone or late. Always at the door to greet me a
'hello' once I step in the wooden door, lightening up my day after long hours at school. She never complains 
about anything, and she'll love to cuddle up beside you, whether you're a stranger or a friend to her. She loves
to play and eat, just like any carefree kid. Her name is Billie, Billie Jean. She's also my pet dog.
Billie absolutely loves human food, and would do anything to taste a bit of our meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. 
Whenever she's hot, she loves to hide in thin, confined, dark places and I don't exactly know how she can fit inside such a 
small opening. Her weak spot is definitely her belly, and she loves it when you scratch her neck. Billie barks like a guard 
dog gone wild whenever someone delivers our water for our water dispenser, and we don't know why. She's a hero for one, 
because she alerted my maids when there was a snake (yes, a snake) right in front of the door, almost coming inside the 
house, which made us able to kill it in time. She was born when Michael Jackson died, hence the name. Currently, 
she is 21 in dog years. Therefore, Billie is absolutely adorable and irresistible. 

And no, she don't chase around lasers, unlike cats. I've tried.

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  1. Billie is a darling! Her expressions are so cute. Give her a scratch and a cuddle for me.

    PS. Can she dance the moonwalk?

  2. Awe shes adorbs! my Grandparents have a little doggie just who looks a lot like her, a bit smaller though...hence the name Mittsey : ) we also own a precious Sheltie {Geneva} who is totally crazy!
    Love the shots…they are always so picture perfect aren’t they? Lovely : )

  3. Awww... your dog is very cute. :) Having a dog-friend is great, isn't it?

  4. The third picture is so cute. So. Cute.

  5. I absolutely love your blog and its design, too cute! Your dog is adorable, I like her name...Billie Jean, its one of a kind. It'd be nice if I had a pet/companion like Billie Jean ;)


  6. Oh my goodness what a cutie! Absolutely lovely photos!

  7. Oh my goodness! These pictures are cuteness overload!

  8. OHMIGOSH! What an adorable pup! I used to have a puppy just like her, and her name was Molly, she died when I was 12, it was pretty tragic.
    But anyway, Billie is adorbs. <3

  9. She's a pure breed Shih Tzu :)