Simple Joys

November 05, 2012

 Yesterday was my final day of freedom. Well, not exactly. But the last day of no worries, of stress-free time. I would
 most definitely miss the days wherein I would sit back on my bed, and watch as time passes. The last day of my 
semestral break. I decided to go to park (for the enth time, it's like my new hangout place) to avoid the idle-ness of my 
self. Sure enough, I found some little kids playing at the new playground, and I've been longing to have some faces
on my blog. I swear, taking pictures of inanimate things can get pretty boring at times. I guess the action of subjects
are a pretty fun challenge for photographers, especially candid ones, don't you guys agree? 
It was pretty sad that the sun came down as earlier than I expected. Overall though, it was a fun day. I wish I
could have spent it with some friends. But having the company of those care-free kids at the playground 
brightened my day. It's great to see children (including myself) having fun outdoors and playing the "old-fashioned"
way, instead of staying inside in a dark room, their face stuck to the television, iPad, or whatever game console
they're holding. Now, I understand my parents when they tell me to get off the laptop and do something 
else. They can be a bit killjoy sometimes, but I've learned they're right. Once in a while, we need to go out and
enjoy the simple joys in life. Just like the little kids inside of us, dying to go and play at the playground.

What are the simple joys in your life?

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  1. The vividness and colours of these photos are just marvelous! I agree that going outside and returning to the "old-fashioned" way of playing is so fun. Kids (and even youth and adults) miss out a lot of these, lately.

  2. Love the photos! I completely agree that playing the "old-fashioned" way is the best :)

  3. i love the vibrancy of the photos!