At The Beach

December 29, 2012

The sunset was as golden as a bright fire peeking through the clouds, shining the powder-like sand that the kids played
 in. We went looking for starfishes that tickled our skin as we added it to our collection, together with hermit crabs found 
in tiny sea shells on the shore. It was a joy as we swam on the clear, shallow sea, enjoying the company of our
families, as we were the only ones there. At night, we celebrated a birthday right on the sand at night, the stars sparkling 
from above that complimented the dark sky. Entertainers performed with a big smile on their faces, as we dined in their
 freshly cooked food from the buffet. Truly, two nights of sleeping on stilt houses and enjoying the beach with relatives 
must be the best way of celebrating Christmas.

We bid our goodbyes to our beach houses, after three days of sand-burying, castle-making, sea-creature collecting, 
pool swimming, moat-creating, snorkeling and kayaking. The fun didn't stop there because right after we went back home,
instead of resting, we slept over in our cousin's house playing LoL, Amateur Surgeon, Black Ops II and Naruto. How 
ironic it is to see the boys crawl back to their electronic haven and do so for two more nights (Though you can't blame them).

All of those events led up to now, and I therefore conclude I have been much, much more productive than I have
been during my sembreak last term. This has also been why I didn't get to post a lot often, aside from my exams in school.
But we are all human, and we can all understand that sometimes we have a life, away from our laptop and tv screens.
I also decided to make a video about our little beach trip, because it was the honorable thing to do. (I apologize for the
bad quality and overall videography, this is my very first attempt with a point-and-shoot in videos)

"My cousin, brother and I stayed in the sand skipping rocks and watching the sunset. Beach vacations are the
 coziest and most relaxing vacations, and I thought I could just make a little tribute to that."

» Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year everyone! «

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  1. A beach Christmas! I like it.

  2. I usually enjoy Christmas at the beach too! This year was an exception but I sure missed it!