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January 05, 2013

There are so many things going on lately, that I haven't gotten the time to figure out what I should blog about, really. I've always went for the "quality over quantity" in blogger, so I decided since it is January, I should give some tips on what to do when you're new here on blogger (Definitely Screaming is almost a year old!).  Partially, because one/some of my friends decided to make one :) Hope you find this helpful!
Find out what it is you love doing, or the things that you're best at. Hone your abilities, and share that with us! If it's something I'm sure of when it comes to blogger, everyone will love to see who it is behind that computer screen of yours and what you love to do. Whether it's fashion, photography, writing, designing, drawing, there is absolutely no limit to abilities and talents out there.
Once in a while, we need to grasp new opportunities (especially since it's new years) such as learning something you don't know how to do yet but you want to very badly. If we don't experiment and work on new things, then what is there to post other than "how my day went...". What happens after that? Maybe you can write about a story you've made, a new language you've learned, or an instrument you can now play.
This for me is key. You need to be creative, but be yourself at the same time. How is that? Think of how you can showcase yourself to the world without losing your own identity. Some people would just post what they see in other blogs so that they would earn more followers, but what's the fun and use in that? To be honest, the real reason why famous bloggers are, is because they posted what they felt, thought and did, honestly from who they are and no one else.
As in, really. Relax and have fun, have a good time, if you can't update regularly we'll all understand. We are just human after all, we have our ups and downs, so don't worry. True followers are there for you, because we all share what we love to do and all the little things that make us happy, or sad, together. It's no big deal! It's your blog, and it's your rules.

- - - - - - -
p.s. school's coming up just around the corner, i really am not ready yet.
p.p.s my birthday in less than a week! hehe
p.p.p.s. I re-made my layout for the new year, to start fresh and simpler :)

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  1. i love all the different layouts i've seen of yours, which i think has only been 3 or 4, but they're all wonderful!
    this was a fantastic post and a great reminder for us more "veteran" bloggers ;)

  2. Nice tips...
    love the images too.

  3. I love the last one--it's your blog, and its your rules. I love that! :D