A Photography + Writing Challenge

January 30, 2013

As one of my resolutions, I wanted to become a more organized, and more managed person 
than I was last year. I figured what better way to do that than to do it with something I love
 to do, and so I made myself some photography and writing prompts. Not going to lie,
I made them because I was never sure of what I take pictures of or write about, and because 
none of the photo challenges or writing challenges on the web suits my style--so, I made 
my very own photo and writing challenge!

Now, I know for a fact that most bloggers absolutely love to take photos and write like 
myself, and so I highly encourage everyone to make their own challenge if not do this one
to test your responsibility skills and see how creative you really are. 

So here are the conditions:
1. You will post once a week regarding the challenge,
2. The post must consist of your own photos and writing,
3. Do not ever, ever ever, miss one challenge,
4. And most importantly, have fun!

(note: you can take as many pictures or write as much as you want, as long as
 it relates to the theme/topic of the weekly challenge)

I'm going to start this by next week, good luck to me, and have a great week!

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  1. aw this is such an amazing idea! if i were back home in the states or had faster internet connection here, i would for sure join! maybe some other time. looking forward to seeing your posts here though. xx

  2. How wonderful! It's good to challenge yourself to be creative and responsible all the time. I love your list of ten-week challenges. Thinking of actually joining in, but I'll still have to see.

  3. This sounds like such a fun little photo challenge, a nice little change from the normal ones!

  4. This sound likes so much fun! Good luck to you! I'm currently participating in a 365 photo project and it has been fun thus far. :)

  5. Oi! This is a beautiful idea!! Very much considering doing it...you sure are a creative one ^_^

  6. this is such a great idea. im definitely doing this. thanks! ☺

  7. Can't wait to see this from you. :-) I really want to do it but I don't have much time. :-(

  8. I am so doing this - I love your blog! :)

    ~ Jess

  9. This is a great idea. I'm not sure I will attend it by all commitment but I found some inspiration from it. Maybe I will do it with a twist. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring great list!

    Anh || FEMININE 23

  10. I am really enjoying doing this challenge! :)

    Priscilla // supercardboardheroes.tumblr.com