Portraits // Cousins

January 14, 2013

A few week(end)s ago, we had a surprise visit from my grandfather's brother. It's funny, because we didn't 
prepare at all and ended up ordering from Chowking and greeting them in our pajamas. Three of my cousins were there too, and decided to go to the park while waiting for the food. I haven't talked to them in a long while, because they live really far away in the country. I brought my camera and tagged along, eventually leading me to hang out with them for the rest of the day. For one afternoon, I got to catch up with my extended family, go closer with them, and spent time with them, and it just proved to me that distance doesn't matter. When they had to leave, my little cousin even told me, "Next time we visit, we'll play again okay?" and I couldn't help but smile.

I wouldn't call these portraits exactly, since most of these were candid photos, but it's nice to have some people photography on my blog once in a while (I actually was glad for the opportunity)

I'm thinking of continuing "Weekend's Wary Ways". I don't exactly know why I stopped, probably because I 
was really busy lately. Also, Belated happy birthday to Stella and myself! Cheers to 14 years of life :) God bless!

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  1. Happy birthday you AND Stella! :) These shots are cuteness!

  2. People photos are my favorites! ^_^ And these are really lovely, my favorite is 11th down, the second of them walking away.
    Oh, well happy belated birthday!

  3. Your photography style is wonderful - I just love it. Happy birthday to you (and Stella) :) xo m

  4. Awesome photos! c: I wish you and Stella a fantastic birthday!

  5. Beautifully captured...and happy belated birthday xx

  6. These are all really fun, you have a good eye. :)

  7. these are just darling! so happy to have stumbled upon your sweet corner of the blogging world. ;)
    happy {belated} birthday!!! hope your fourteenth year treats ya well. ;)