Weekend's Wary Ways: Experimenting Curves

January 28, 2013

Instead of doing photography tips, today I really want to tell you guys how I get to edit 
my photos on Gimp 2.6. Actually, I edit my photos really simply and easily, and it mostly
 revolves around 'color' curves, which appears in most of the photo editors that I know.

Nothing too fancy, and for you guys who don't have Photoshop or Lightroom or any of
 the paid photo editing soft-wares, join the club (Gimp is free, by the way).

Now the "Curves" tool in Gimp can be found in the drop menu of "Color" next to
 Layer and Tools, as shown above.

The light grey, diagonal line in the pop-up window displays the normal color value of 
your photo. The farther you make your curve from the line, the (weirder) more change will 
be seen with the colors. so stay close within the line to be safe--oh who am I kidding, we all
have those kid-y impulses that make us go crazy with the photo if you want. But beware!

It's fun to play around with the curves, and it's an easy-to-control, simple way to make
 your image look better. If you want it to be brighter; drag it above the line, darker; drag it
 below, less contrast; drag the very end (any of which) of the line to the center, and many
more that you can do!

here are some other examples that i made to compare photos SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera)
and edited with color curves in Gimp. I am not saying that you all have to use this technique,
because I know most of us have our own little "personal" way on how we like to edit photos,
 I am merely just showing mine to you. I guess, mine is more of a bright but darker version of
the photos I take. (Note: good photos do not solely rely on editing alone)
Have a great week!

p.s.I know there was a temporary glitch in my blog, wherein my photos in my older posts were blank 
with caution signs, sorry for the inconvenience and I fixed that little bug up just now!
p.s.s. it feels nice doing my weekly feature once again :)
p.s.s.s. It's a really late "weekend" post, I know, sorry about that

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  1. I pretty much only ever edit with curves, i'm not into heavily editing so it works fine for me too :)
    I really love that first photo!

  2. Love the way you did this post! I'm currently taking a Computer Art class, which has a lot of photoshop stuff in it. It's been interesting.

  3. How perfect! You have such beautiful images, girl!!
    xo TJ