Born to be Wild

February 13, 2013

week 2 chalenge: a photo of an animal // write about what makes you free

 Freedom is a precious and rare thing all of us yearn to have. But what is it that makes me free?

 I can't pinpoint myself, but i can say this; i feel free during those days where you're idle, cuddled
 up holding a book and listening to your favourite chill songs. Those days when you're sleepless, playing lame child games with new friends around a camp fire. Those days when you wake up, sunlight shining on your face to greet you with a warm indication that it will be a great day. Those days when you can't let go of your camera hanging around your neck as you helplessly take photos
of almost anything you find. Those days when you did something for the first time. Those days when you're inspired. Those are the kinds of days when I felt the most free.

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  1. Loved this.
    I'm looking forward to doing this one this week! I already have my picture ready too :-)

  2. pretty pictures<3 i love photography, so maybe i'll get inspired by this "challenge" :)
    Julianna, :)