I Am Unique

February 04, 2013

week 1 challenge: a self-portrait photo // write about what makes you unique

         Unique is a word synonymous to unparalleled, sole, only, and the list goes on. I know that everybody in the whole entire universe is different from each other, one sole human being--even identical siblings. But once you come to think of it, what is it that makes you different from others? You want to be just like your idol when you grow up, buy the things your friends and latest fashion trends tell you to, read the things you are recommended by your parents or grandparents. We are just a continuation of what the past and present generations are, just in different forms and personalities.

             Ask yourself the question, what makes you unique?
         My name. If you can't think of anything else, start off with the basics, what your parents decided to call you when you were born. You bring this along with you for the rest of your living days, millions of people calling you by that single, unique, jumble of letters we call names. Imagine a life without that, right? I used to loathe my name for people mistaking how to pronounce it, or spell it, but it's actually a blessing in disguise. Jianine, I come to think, is a god-given blessing.

         My personality. Sure there are such things as personality groups, but who told us to classify ourselves into those handful number of ideas that claim we are supposed to be? What if you are a shy and quiet person who loves to listen to rock and metal bands? If you are a champion athlete that loves to read and crochet sweaters? People are obviously so much more than a three-word description, because personalities can range to up to 100 billion (okay, I might be exaggerating) possibilities. 

         I, for one, am a crazy reserved person that loves to read books and listen to a wide range of music.

         My self. What a better way of putting it this way; you are what makes you unique. Nobody else can match up to you. Who you are, who you want to be, what you think of yourself, all comes with the package. We are all not perfect (cliche enough?) but we have to learn how to accept the things that we are not good at and hone the talents that we were born to do. 

         That, in my opinion, is what makes me, and everybody, unique.

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  1. i really like how you chose to do shadows of our profile for your self portrait. and i really love this post. <3

  2. This is amazing! I love the portrait and the post is so well written. Just wonderful!

  3. I love this post :-) Can't wait for week 2!

  4. lovely blog.