14 before 15

March 21, 2013

I've totally forgotten about the list I wanted to show you all. These are the fourteen things I want to accomplish this year before I turn fifteen years old. Note: I turned fourteen on January 12, and posting this on March is actually really late. But I really wanted to show this to you.

This also serves as my "fourteen new year resolutions" because one way or another these make me a better person somehow. The reason why i crossed out #2 is because my cousin (oh so generously) gave me his bike for free. I have been using the bike a lot, no doubt about it. I've already learned about 25 songs, 75 more to go! This list isn't as easy as it looks. I've already started on a few :)

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  1. I really like #14. That says a lot about you and who you want to be. I love this list and the photo is beautiful! #11 is also extremely worth while - my family has a no computer/iPod day once a week and it's very freeing. :) Also, I love #4. :D

  2. This is a fantastic idea! And woah, you're only 14?! Thats crazy, I totally guessed you at 18 or 19... :D

  3. Wow, these are amazing. I love a lot of these goals. May I borrow some and create them so they are goal-reachable for me? (If you don't mind...)

    Keep on posting your wonders,

    1. thanks! and of course, that would be great :)

  4. I absolutely love your list. Those are some great goals you have there. I should write myself a goal list like that. Usually my lists aren't so specific so I don't get things done, but perhaps if I write myself a specific list and paste it somewhere where I'll see it often, then I will be able to stick to my goals. ;)

    Ah, time management. yes. that's something i'm working on too. I love the idea of staying away from the computer for one whole day. That's something super challenging to do, but so beneficial. I should do that too. :D Oh! and sleeping early is so hard. I love getting to read and such at night, but I need to work on getting more sleep. And befriend someone you don't like...wow that's tough right there. I really admire that you want to do that. Like Erin said, it shows a lot about your heart and who you want to be. It's a very amiable goal. :)

    I'll pray that you will be blessed in fulfilling your goals ::hugs!::


  5. I can't believe you're only 14. You are so bright for your age and it's really refreshing. I love lists I have a journal full of just lists upon lists. Your blog is so lovely.