First & Last

March 15, 2013

Today, and yesterday, were days of firsts and lasts.
For me, it is the first day of summer. It came early because I'm exempted,
Yesterday was the last time I would ever see my crazy, fun-loving, random class.
I will terribly miss them to bits.
Today will be my first attempt to do the 100 ideas of Keri Smith.
This is because I love her, and her books.
Yesterday was the first time I wrote (or actually touched) a moleskin.
It was a cool thing for me.
Today will be the last time I will complain about little things.
There are far too many bigger things I need to care about.

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  1. I am wanting summer quite badly.

  2. Ah love this! Especially that PDF, thanks for sharing :)

  3. i just got a moleskin a couple of months ago too and they're brilliant.

  4. i know you love our class <3 who doesnt :)

  5. ahh, i want a moleskin but they're pretty expensive around here and i'm not sure what i'd write about but they're beautiful.