Simply Thanks

March 17, 2013

          It never occured to me I could go this far with blogging. 100 followers is just too much to ask for :) I really appreciate all of you guys (old or new) for sticking with me and my lame blog posts. really.
          I am terrible at speeches--at this case, essays--so I decided not to make one. I wanted to do something in return, perhaps a giveaway or something, but literally I have no idea or nothing to give away, and how to do so. If you guys can help me find something you're interested in (perhaps a sponsor, or ideas, i.e. blog design or something we could work on without shipping, that would be fantastic!)
           I know, I'm really bad at these things, because I'm new here. One of the things I've learned is to compromise, and make do with what you have. I am entirely grateful for all of you, and if none of my ideas to give back to all of you work, then I'll stick to what I know I can do. Blog.
           And I hope that's enough for you to journey with me :) Thanks for reading!

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  1. Congratulations, Jianine! Sad thing is google reader is shutting down this July 1st. :(

    1. Thank you! People are saying that Google friend connect and Google reader are different, so I'm guessing people still get to follow using the widget/be subscribed to my blogger. We'll see how that goes!

  2. Congrats! :D
    I look forward to your posts, and I am also awful at coming up with giveaway things:/
    Your blog is amazing!! <3

  3. Your blog is gift enough :) Honestly, don't change anything about it and the way you write and take photos because your blog is one of my favorites :) Congrats on 101 followers!! :D

  4. Congratulations! I remember reaching 100 followers! It is definitely something to celebrate. :)

  5. congrats!! you should give away a blog design because quite frankly im in love with your work ahahah ((: