Adventure Is Out There

April 10, 2013

week 10 challenge: a photo of the outdoors + write about adventure & life

When you first write about adventure and life, you think about travel. About going outside and appreciating the good nature of people and creations. But what is there to write about, when adventure and life is all around you? 

It is in your family, the parents that brought you up, took you to new places and introduced you to new people.

In your village where you biked in the streets, and where your childhood memories were bound to.

It is in your room, the place that holds you together when you want to be alone, think, be creative, and sleep.

It is in yourself, in what you believe in and what your thoughts are.

Adventure is what you make your life out of. It is the thrill and excitement. That means learning, facing, meeting, appreciating, visiting, discovering new things or places or people you haven't before. My adventure in my life would be learning about myself, what I am made of and what I am made to do. I love to discover and ask questions. It is those things that lead us to inspiration and happiness, the feelings you get when you are proud of yourself and what you've accomplished.

I have thrill when
I am faced with an empty canvas or sheet of paper,
Or when I am faced with a goal that strives me to do better.
When I start typing nonsense on the keyboard,
Or travel to different places.
When faced with a crowd of people I don't know,
Or when I have to overcome my fears.
When I am with my friends, my family 
and the person I love the most (I mean, God).

The people who live without adventure, are living a dull and fearful life.
And what is there to fear other than fear itself?
Now go and live your life. Really.

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  1. This line punched me in the face:

    "The people who live without adventure, are living a dull and fearful life."

    Life's too short to be limited by anyone else, even ourselves. AMEN SISTER.

  2. Do you use auto or manual mode when shooting? As I look through your post, I already get a sense of your style. It's high contrast, vibrant and you know how to use shadows. I also noticed that you mostly shoot objects. You should try your hand on portrait photography :) Keep up the good work!

  3. Your blog is wonderful. I adore your writing and your pictures are gorgeous too.