An Instax In April

April 05, 2013

week 9 challenge: a photo of anything + write a story about it

          Jessie's room was simple and girly for someone who was least expected to be called that. Three white walls were bare from posters or pictures, and one was colored light purple, her favorite color when she was 6 years old. Butterfly curtains hung over the room, and the birds of her next door neighbor were chirping loudly, like they always have. Her best friend Reyna was mindlessly looking through her tables, dressers, and drawers to find something they can do. She set down--or practically tossed--the food on the bed, nearly spilling the bottle.

"What's this?" Reyna set her delicate fingers on a newly bought Fuji film instax, neatly wrapped in a black case, "I wonder what's in it," she started to open the flap.
"No!" screamed her best friend, "I beg you not to touch that!"
"Of all the years you've had this, why haven't you used it ever since?" Reyna asked, "I mean--I did give it to you."
"If I wouldn't let myself use it, then why would I let you use it?" Jessie folded her arms, with a hint of seriousness.
"Well, it's not like I've done any bad to your things," Reyna paused and said, "Oh, well, maybe you could name a few..."

          Reyna set the instax back where it belonged, and looked like a puppy asking for a reward after retrieving something. Jessie opened up the Coke and they dined in their food, having little small talks in between bites and gulps. Her laptop was still on, playing the song Youth by Daughter. At that point the girls were lying on the bed, humming to the song, closing their eyes and enjoying those three minutes of relaxing melody.

"Jess," Reyna started in the middle of the instrumental.
"You're ruining the song, Rey!" Jessie said quietly, her eyes still closed.
"Why do you think I came over here?" Reyna asked, ignoring her friend's protest.
"Because I'm an awesome best friend?" Jessie opened her eyes, and looked back at Reyna, there was no sign of joking around.
"This has been a really cool night, and you are awesome," Reyna smiled, "but have you wondered why my hair has always been short ever since the start of the school year?"
"Because it's trendy," Jessie answered, "And you look amazing in short hair."
"That's what I've been telling people in school, but are you not getting me?" Reyna stood up, "Have you wondered why I always had to visit the clinic every single day?"
"Because your parents are overprotective," Jessie's eyes got misty, "They don't want you to get sick--again."

          Reyna stopped talking. Their stare was so intense that they weren't even sure if they were the same people anymore. None of their surprise visits ended in tears or arguments. 

"What are we going to do, Jess?" Reyna asked, "I might no be able to see you again."
"You can't be sick Reyna, you've been cured!" Jessie pointed out furiously, "You're not supposed to get sick! You've been cured of cancer, with me!"
"Well, I have been, but I am sick now; and you can't act like it's not real."

          Jessie walked back to the black container and got her instax. The memories brought back to her the same hospital where they met. She turned around and put it on Reynas hands.

"To cherish and capture all the good days," Jessie read what it wrote on the back of the case, "Remember?"
"Yeah," Reyna smiled, "But I'm not going to get it. It's yours. It's not like I'll be able to use it anyway--"
"Don't say that!" Jessie shoved the camera into her hands, "Have it!"
"Because you're my best friend."
* * * 

          Jessie received a text message the next day, her eyes still red from sobbing. Reyna went home really late, because her parents never let her sleep over. She reached out her hands to her bedside, where her cellphone lay under the pillow. The buzzing sound irritated her ears, and the light was so bright Jessie had to squint to read what was on it.

1 new text message from Reyna G.

          She couldn't read it. Jessie fought back in tears a little more before hitting the "Open" button.

To cherish and capture all the good days.
I really wished I could play back last night one more time.
April fools, sweetheart!
Gotcha. x

Okay guys, this was officially the funnest thing I've ever written. Also, the latest.
So summer's been pretty good to me, and so has April. Hope the same has been going on with you.
That was Bianca's instax on the photo, and I really envy it.

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  1. that was so beautiful!!
    I absolutly loved the story.
    Also, I read The Fault In Our Stars, it was so good.
    I love John Green