Things You Could Do This Summer

April 28, 2013

Once again one of my never-ending photo montages this summer. Being idle is one of my specialties, and for the past weeks I've been merely staying at home; if not going to my art workshop and visiting people's houses. I've tried to do myself a favor and post a list of things I could be able to do--and should--throughout the remaining month(s). Also known as, how to quench your boredness and/or unproductiveness, enjoy!

1: Journal your way through - grab a notebook; whether a spiral, binder, moleskin, whichever you choose, and write or draw anything that crosses your mind. Decorating it is half the fun, so personalize the covers and your entries! Remember: this is your journal, do whatever you want with it.

2: Adventure the unknown - if your family can't afford time or effort to go on a trip abroad or in your country, try going out more as often as you can. Take pictures, document things on the street or whatever you find, meet new people, anything to keep you from that computer screen!

3: Laughter's the best medicine - what I love doing during my free time is watch people that make me laugh. Usually from Youtube (is it me, or do I find YouTube-rs the most awesome people in the world?), I watch videos from playlists to burn my time and laugh my lazy face off. Yes, this is the easy way to go.

4: Do something new - what is it that you've been wanting to do but haven't done yet? For me, I personally am not a person of cooking or baking. Trying out something like that this summer would be a fun experience for me! What about you, have you never took a shot on painting? How about biking, or learning a new language? Take the first step, and you'll never know, maybe you could be great at it.

5: Read. Just read. - whether you're reading books, magazines, newspapers or blogs. Reading isn't boring, if you think it is. It opens up your mind, refreshes your brain, and it makes you realize things you haven't. Novels have taught me a lot of stuff that school didn't. From little rhyming children books, to short stories, to 30 chapter books. Anything, as long as you don't waste your brain on senseless games or what.

5: Surround yourself with nature - I repeat; surround yourself with the natural environment around you, and not things. Materialism is something I'm not a big fan of, and I like taking comfort on going outside and feeling the breeze. It's fun to be around people as well, having a good laugh and exchange of stories with a good friend won't hurt you!

There are plenty of things to do during the summer. And if this didn't help you, I suggest you watch the cartoon series, Phineas and Ferb. Have a great summer (if you aren't having one just yet, wait on a little longer!)

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  1. The photo with water in motion--uh-may-zing. And great list! You've just mentioned some of the best summer activities.

  2. ah, this is beautiful, girl! :) so so so beautiful. i love these pictures, and your ideas are absolutely fabulous! yes, YouTube-ers are the best. ;)

    also, your thoughts on reading more, and surrounding yourself with nature--i couldn't agree more. :) this is fabulous.


    p.s. just wondering, what do you use to edit your photos? they are gorgeous! :)

  3. your photos are absolutely lovely! i've been thinking of summer lately (l've got another two months to go) and of what i could do over it and this has given me a bit of added insight. i'm definitely going to be journaling! it was on my list already.

  4. this is so perfect, asdfghjkl. the pictures + these beautiful thoughts. xx

  5. I 'love' montages - they are a simply yet really effective way of collating all your beautiful work. That leaf almost looks reptile.

    Nina x

  6. Your photos are amazing! And, yes, Youtubers are the best. ;)

  7. I really love these ideas. you've inspired me. :)