Her Wonder of the World

May 20, 2013

most people would look at her backyard and find nothing but damp soil, one too many pots of plants and scraps of trash. but she was special. she would go out, step outside and breath the humid air. the smell of rain flooded the place, and she found everything beautiful. she was the kind of girl that reads  with huge glasses framing her face until her eyes drooped and sang like no one was watching. she was the girl who had fake roses potted in her desk and who's room was flown in by a wild bird. she was the kind of girl that hates wearing dresses and tidying up her hair. she was the kind of girl that goes outside everyday tagging along her camera around her neck, being presented with the same scene but manages to take a million pictures without care. all she had was a backyard with no thrill, but she turned it into a wonder of the world in her eyes. she was undoubtedly weird, but she was okay; and okay was perfect for her.

nobody quite understood her joy in taking pictures of the same things, but it didn't matter. they figured that she was the kind of girl that loves to venture; whether abroad, to a field trip, or her own backyard.

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  1. absolutly beautiful!!!
    happy 100th post!!!

  2. Happy 100th post. I'm glad I've found you - your photos are beautiful and your writing style just as lovely.

  3. this is beautiful! all of it. the photo, stunning. the words. perfect. ^_^

    congrats on 100posts!