How to Spend Your Days

May 23, 2013

you can feel as if you have all the time in the world, but you do not.
you can think that your family, friends and loved ones are there forever; but they are not.
you can make excuses to delay the things you must do right now, but you should not.

treat your days as if it is your last, say 'i love you' to whom you mean it to.
spend your days around people that make you feel content, and happy, accepted.
seek all the color and happiness there is in whatever it is you do.

know why you live, how you'll reach your goal, who you really love,
when you are ready and where you are safe.
offer your days up to Him, and do good.
that, my friends, is how to spend your days.

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  1. This came at such a perfect time. Thank you :) xx

  2. I love this. Such a great reminder and those pictures are lovely. xx

  3. yes yes yes. amen.

    love your pictures btw.


  4. beautiful!!!
    both your pictures and words