New Persective // Blog Layout

May 27, 2013

Summer is sadly coming to a close where I'm at, and I'm sure most of you are eager to start yours. I'm going to miss the sunny (or rainy) days, strolling in the beach, riding roller-coasters in amusement parks, having good laughs with good friends. Nonetheless, time waits for no one. As school draws nearer, I want to start fresh with a new blog layout. 

Whenever I change my design, I want it to be much more than making a website look prettier. I want it to reflect on the person, what they feel and what their perspective is. Right now, this layout looks like my very first one, when I started my blog. Clean slate, no header, simple sidebar and focused on the posts. Nothing fancy, but it is me. 

Ever since I've gotten my new glasses (above) I realized how blessed I am, and how I've been missing out so much of the beauty of nature. I haven't been wearing my old one before, and that is why I was so dependent on my camera. I needed it to show me things when all I could see were blurry shapes and bokeh. My eyes are like an unfocused camera that can only see things clear when it is right in front of me. And I guess, that's why my blog has always been that photo-filled, quirky undefined one.

So, cheers to new things and new perspectives; but sticking to your roots and where you came from.

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  1. The glasses photo is absolutely beautiful! And I really love the design of your blog :)

  2. The design is spot on. And that first have such an eye. Every picture you take is just perfect! Love it :)