Ticket to Peregrination // a guest post by Jemimah

May 09, 2013


I once had a dream that has long since been buried with an epitaph holding these inscribed words: Airplane Pilot, always remembered as just another childish ambition. That's what I wanted to be when I was a younger. The idea of being up in the clouds, hovering over foreign lands, travelling to various parts of the world—it was the colourful icing on one sweet cupcake. But it melted quickly (scared by the prospects of having to learn all those maths and physics, perhaps). 

In retrospect, I realize being a pilot per se was not the dream. All those daydreams of flying planes were willingly packed away, traded for being a mere passenger. But the craving desire to travel can never be hidden, even in the small corners of a closet. It's a bad case of wanderlust, brought about by the little hopes throbbing in my heart, whispering gently but strongly, "Oh, the places you will go." 

I keep wanting that ticket to peregrination. A compass pointing to exploration throughout the globe. Excitement bubbles within, anticipating the moment when I step onto the damp London streets or the sandy dunes of Egypt. I long to see the hills of Austria come alive, and revel at the sight of people strolling by, leisurely sitting at a table in a French café. My feet itch to walk on the Great Wall of China, to soak in the sea waters of the Mediterranean till they wrinkle. I want to inhale the fragrant scent of maple trees in Prince Edward Island, lose myself in the innumerable buildings of New York City (with a map in hand, of course), and hear the voices of men, women, adults, and children as they converse in both familiar and unfamiliar languages. 

It's a dream like a magnet, pulling me towards a plane, a boat, a car with a luggage in hand. It's a dream I actually want to live and check off my bucket list. It's a dream that keeps me awake some nights, silently thinking of the "what if's."


And then I look around, at the streets and roads I've memorized; the houses and trees still standing where they were years ago and those that have been replaced with new establishments. I see friends and family who come and go, and strangers who constantly roam the premises. I find myself in the midst of old and new opportunities. And I realize, this is my adventure.

Even though glimpsing at the rest of the world seems thrilling, there will always be something fresh to discover wherever you are. But only if you're driven to find whatever it may be. You can take a hundred trips to "Paradise Falls," but you (and I) don't need a ticket to have a good journey. Because it's already in our hands, and it's called life.


Hullo, I'm Jemimah—just a simple, intricate girl learning to live life with a brave and beautiful perspective. Seeking for adventures and exploring intrepidity are so in my cup of tea.

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  1. oh yes oh yes jem you just summed up my whole life + WANDERLUST! lets travel together yeah? and haha the whole damp london streets bit? you got that right! ;)) xx
    great guest post. :)