What I Feel (A Little Rant Session)

May 17, 2013

I feel as though I don't have enough courage to share with you what I am about to say. I feel like the whole point of blogging is to say what you feel, though I've never gotten the chance to say it because I feel it would be too cliche, no one would bother unless I post pretty pictures with pretty content. I feel like I do not want to do that today. Or any other day, actually, because the thought of it makes me sick and empty.

I feel that I talk too much, I do not need to nag away what I am writing, I feel that I am typing away unconsciously, without stopping to check on my spelling or grammar or cohesiveness or any of that stuff. I feel this is how blogging should really be. Typing out whatever it is in your heart and saying it to the world without caring about the stereotypical popular blog posts. 

I feel maybe we should stop copying ideas from other people are start thinking up ideas of your own. Ideas that came from you, and words that came from your mouth--or head. I feel that if we all did this, we would be a lot happier. We would stop stressing about what other people would think, how many page views or comments or readers you have. I feel we should stop.

I feel that we should start letting go of what is inside of us, after all, this is our little corner of the internet. I feel that I would be only saying this once, and that I might be the only one that would do so. I feel that we do not have to be all the same, and that the more different you are the better.

And I feel that not many of you will really notice this, yet feel the same. But I feel it was worth a try anyway.

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  1. Exactly.
    I try to be me, but it can be hard.


  2. yes yesyes jianine! i try to be as original as possible but it can be hard, as jessie said, most of the time. ::( x

  3. oh jianine... this is so heartfelt and so truthful. you are right, i am always inspiring myself and comparing myself and judging myself on the internet. but we shouldn't, oh my we should just go out in the world and actually live (you know, meet new people and have new experience etc) and then journal our experiences. that way each story would be unique.

    so to new beginning, to being as authentic + original as we can!

  4. Thank you so much.
    Sometimes its hard for me to find my own ideas because everyone else's seem so much better. But who cares? Thats how we all grow, by making mistakes and then learning. Not just trying once, and getting it perfectly. That's the point of blogging-- and Life!!
    So thanks for inspiring me to create my OWN ideas.
    I'm working on that, and this has helped!!
    Thnks, Jianine!!
    Love, Erin