Why I Heart: Friends

May 24, 2013

Because these are real people, who have real feelings and thoughts and emotions. 
And it's a beautiful thing when two real people get together, and share their lives with each other. 
It forms a sort of spark; when one person is in a dark place, the other manages to make them smile. 
And it is foolish when they quarrel because in the end, they make up and talk it out anyway. 

They know each other's relatives, slept over houses, shared personal belongings. 
You do ridiculous things together that you wouldn't dare do with your family. 
Exchange secrets and stories that is forever kept in a vault locked by pinky promises. 
And you know, during those late nights and early mornings that you trust and care for this person. 

It is a wonderful thing, to know so much about someone you met by chance. 
Or maybe by fate, because some of them last for a life time. 
The good ones are the ones that stay, that cope with endless rants and tantrums.

Nonetheless, they love and are being loved. 
Which is the greatest thing of all.


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  1. This is so beautiful, I'll always feel blessed and grateful to have people who can even stand to have me in their lives. ♥

  2. this is so sweet and i love your Polaroids! how come some are black and some are white? i thought you could only get white frames? x

  3. i love your writing! it is so true. good friends are such a blessing. xx

  4. What a beautiful post, with such fun instagram shots!
    Friends are just the best :)
    xo TJ

  5. This is really beautiful, you are right.
    I realized I have neglected mine for a really long time,
    I wish they would forgive me when I return to them :)