Be Right Back

June 07, 2013

Last night, my mother confiscated my iPad (for the enth time) and I think I wholeheartedly deserve it. This weekend/week, I want to challenge myself not to use the laptop; it depends how far I can resist the lazyness inside of me. Believe me, this is a huge challenge for myself. I'll be coming back hopefully with a lot more inspiration and productiveness. Hopefully.

Weekends are reserved for family time. And I think it's about time a lot of us realize that.

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  1. I agree, we fail to realize how important family truly is. I hope you enjoy your weekend with your loved ones. ♥

  2. amen. i'm really trying to cut back on "screen time". hope your weekend is awesome! :)

  3. wow, I was just checking out your blog and I love the mood of your photos.