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June 26, 2013

Nothing much has happened over the week, other than my slowly growing interest for my class and teachers. I've gotten sick (for the enth time) and it sucks not being able to concentrate properly in class. Ugh. Being idle is something I am obviously not fond of, so my subconscious led me all the way here, in front of this computer screen. So, hello again.

During art class, my teacher shows us a video about education by RSA animate. The video shows how kindergartens are so much more intelligent in a creative perspective than teens and adults, and that's all because of our curriculum and how people teach.

We are taught that there is only one answer to every question, that we must memorize the same things without putting it in our brains. That art and music and everything different is looked down upon,that we have lost all our sense of imagination and creativity. That instead of grouping students by intellect, they group them into age groups.

It's a really sad thing, and it opened up our minds to what could be possible. There's a question on a test that says, "list uses of a paper clip." For a genius, they could think up to 500. Those who have reached that level, were little kids. The same people were tested again over the course of 10 years, and they could only list about 20. That's the difference it makes, and it's really mind-boggling.

I just wanted to share it with you, because really it's worth a watch.
here's the video [x].

p.s. don't stop being creative!

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  1. That video is fantastic! Its so true that we're almost taught to 'lose' our creativity because a creative mind isn't considered to be 'academic'. When I was at university I had a really interesting lecturer who taught us that the best scientists were those with creative minds because thats the only way something new ever gets thought of.

  2. Wow, that's such a good point. Little kids don't have an end to their creativity. I think the best minds hold on to their childhood imaginations. :)

  3. I'll save the video to watch later! I totally agree with Erin. The most creative people are the ones who never STOPPED being creative. Imagination is such a huge part of creativity, and losing it is pretty costly.

  4. wow. really mind boggling! but really sometimes society really do underestimate children! they have such great imaginations and also solutions!

  5. That really is mind boggling indeed! I think children's creativity, or maybe creativity in general gets highly underrated in today's society. I love it when teachers really go outside textbook material and try to really learn their students something truly important. I'm not saying that textbook material isn't important, but just as you say: stay creative.

  6. I hope you're feeling better now. Ken Robinson is one of my favourite resource speakers, and that video never fails to inspire/remind/challenge me that creativity and imagination are things we could nurture more often.