friday nights and saturday mornings

July 26, 2013

It's that night when you invite all your close friends after school,
make last minute plans and end up staying till midnight.
A lot of eating pizza and singing with a tad bit of
screaming, story-telling, guitar playing and dancing.

Playing around with our cameras, using up about
eight films for memories' sake.
(not to mention every one taking turns in
dressing up in someone's clothes as Minnie Mouse
just because we're mature and awesome like that.)

It's that night when after five hours of sitting around
in a circle table doing nothing but laugh,
you can't help but smile because it happened.

Then the morning after that,
you lack a whole lot of sleep and water,
but you get up happy anyway.
When you're greeted with a ready
breakfast with Cookie butter and an also
sleepy pet dog who you love oh so much.

It's those friday nights and saturday mornings
that make up your week. Enough said.

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  1. What in the world is cookie butter?? I want some.

    Quenby Sheree

    1. it's really delicious if you ask me, haha!

  2. Aww the puppy!!!! I just want to cuddle him ♥