a family session

August 13, 2013

A lot of people who go in our house for the first time say that it's magical. On the outside, it looks like a shabby one-floor house with no gate. But once they come inside, the image changes and it looks so much bigger and wider than it is on the outside. Why am I telling you this? Because I think your house reflects your family. On the inside, and out. 

So today, I'm going to tell you a story.

My class had this "family session". As happy as it sounds, it isn't. First, we have to choose a photo from about 50 that best describes our family. After which, anyone would go and sit on a chair and share their explanation of their picture and experience with their family. Not one had a positive note at the end, because the point was to inspire or make people realize the different problems they face in their inner circle of family. Most of them cried, and it was normal. A handful of people talked about their dads. Four of my classmates' dads work abroad, and those once a month reunions mean so much to them. Another's dad had to go on a surgery because he had a heart ailment, and every one offered a prayer onto him (it was successful, he's fine now). Another's dad left him when he was younger, and every time he visits him he never feels the warm and unconditional love I am given every day by my family.

Not every one was required to share, so about half of the class just listened, and understood. We cried with them, gave them the heart symbol with our hands when they were finished, nodded and some even felt the same. It was a heart-felt and real moment that I think should be done to every single one of you, because keeping feelings inside yourself and not having an outlet or group of people you trust to tell it to, is worse.

The picture I got was a mother pushing her daughter on a swing. My explanation: my mother and I are the two closest in my family, and she is always the one telling me to do better and achieve in whatever I do, and I appreciate that. But, there is also a deeper meaning to it. My family is not exactly the perfect type, but it is a very blessed and united one. My dad comes house late from work almost every day at 11, and my brother is off to his college 5-6 days a week. That leaves me and my mom, and my two grandparents. My mom is really loving, and compared to all the different stories shared by my classmates, I feel so so content and happy and loves and everything. I wouldn't change my parents for the world.

Also, they were required to make a letter for their kids.
"Thank you for being you" -mom
I smiled a little inside.

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  1. i love your photographs! visit my blog for more photography<3
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  2. That's a beautiful exercise your class did. Very heartwarming. I agree with you, I feel so lucky with my parents. They are amazing and I'm thankful for them everyday. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and making me remember that ♥

  3. love your blog! new follower (: