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August 11, 2013

It's that time of the year, guys! My class is going to have our annual "recollection", which calls for some serious (maybe not so serious) letters, and creative minds. I made a d.i.y. last year, which you can read over here. I wanted this year to be a bit different, and though I couldn't buy those pretty long filling envelopes, I decided to make my own! As you can see below, these are what I came up with.

Materials needed:
- scissors
- glue stick
- pen & pencil
- manila paper
- letter paper
(opt.) other art materials

For this d.i.y., there isn't any origami involved. But, it takes a lot more cutting and pasting and time! So first, I cut out the already folded manila paper to fit my letter sample paper with the right margins. Make sure there is more space on the left side, because you'll have to fold it and glue it later on.

After so, I fold it (without gluing yet) to secure my guide lines when cutting. As seen below, I cut out the four corners because we won't be needing them.

Like I have said, we glue the left flap with the right. After so, the bottom flap will be next. But if you're conscious on the look and presentation of the envelope like myself, I decided to cut the corners into a smooth curve. When you're satisfied, you glue it on!

Now as shown in the two pictures below, I cut out the inside top part of my envelope to have this open space to be able to pull the letter out. Then, I cut the edges to a smooth curve like so; I've also done this with the opening flap. You're not supposed to glue this part, so I taped it with washi tape. (given to me by a good friend, thanks bianca!)

after writing your desired letter and securing it inside the envelope, I wanted to write the name of whom I'll give it to! I chose the font Lobster Two, and I think it ended up pretty nice. Hope you enjoyed this little d.i.y., have a great week!

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  1. looks so beautiful! great job

  2. very very creative!