rainy mood :: playlist

August 30, 2013

The past few days of school for me was total chaos, and it's hard to explain why. The ultimate thing that could get me working and focused is, well, music. Music surrounds my life and this has been my second playlist that I've made. Putting together a series of songs that have a common sound, a lovely ringing of melodies and words. Rain has been pouring, but fortunately it stopped. Though I must admit, I really miss being home-stuck and drinking warm chocolate. 

To help you out with what I'm thinking of, click here. Let it play, and just listen. Listen to the rain, and listen to the songs.
I feel it makes me relax a whole lot more, don't you think?

p.s. the tenth track was written by my friend Bianca and I! She sang the song and I played the guitar :) Hope you guys like it.

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  1. I miss the rain, its been so long since I've seen it!

    A Golden State of Mind

  2. Thank you for sharing this music. It's really nice playlist! By the way, love your photos as usual. :)

  3. I am so ready for days and days of rain. I must admit I enjoy summer, but I'm all ready for rainy season. Lovely tunes too.. it's a bit mellow. Neat pictures!

  4. We had some rain for the first time in about 2 months, I was super excited for it! I love your pictures and blog. : )


  5. Such lovely photos, Jia9! We need to catch up soon! :-)

    I tagged you in the 50 Random Facts tag, by the way!